Saturday, November 21, 2015


pushed me out of creativity
lulled me from my dreams. 
I was living them then. 
I know this now. Only
now, I'm asleep. 

Perfect vision looking back -- 
doesn't mean it's too late
to try again. For
all the times I failed as a writer, 
I know that 
my greatest success was not
how many people were 
moved by my work, how much 
money I made, how close I came to
overcoming my fear of failure, but that 
I continued to write. 

My greatest failures were not how many
paycheques came too late, how many
rejection letters I received, how many more
query letters I was too afraid to write, 
how many hours I spent 
sitting in front of my computer 
on Facebook rather than writing or
calling or researching or goddammit
trusting that I'm a good writer and 
should and must write. Because writing 
is fragile life, and patience nourishes
creativity, that persistent embryo. 

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