Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm so grateful to have given myself permission to fail, because that's just what I did with my "25 healthy days of Christmas" challenge. Far from an epic fail, however, I still went for long walks with my little pup on a much more regular basis; I hit up several yoga classes; and I went to the gym more frequently.

Over the holidays, I secured a part time position with lululemon. Having worked there briefly last year, I knew already what a wonderful company this is to work with. It is a society of goal-oriented, healthy, positive people. As I move toward embracing my fitness and writing goals, I am confident that surrounding myself by such people in this culture will propel me forward to making my goals a reality.

While the 25-days challenge wasn't fully met, I have forgiven myself for said failure because, as my philosophy goes: in giving myself permission to fail, I have given myself permission to try (again and again, if I must). Moving into 2011, I have a continued commitment to working out on a regular basis and trying new things to keep me engaged and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. In addition to my goal of doing yoga at least once a week, I have signed up for an abs class to meet my goal of getting back my six-pack (this year), and I will also be waking up extra early on Wednesdays to take part in a TRX suspension class.

Here's to a year of healthy living, meeting goals, and giving ourselves permission to fail.

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