Monday, December 6, 2010

Technology is just nutty

Let's talk about technology for just one minute, here.

I logged into my Blogger to see how popular my most recent post was, and it turns out I'm able to track not only where in the world my blog is being read (thank you, Malaysian and Cambodian readers), but I can also see what they're using to read it.

For example, 13 per cent of views of this web site come from an iPad; 2 per cent from an iPhone; and 36 per cent from a Mac. Blogger also shows me what kind of browser my viewers are using: 41 per cent Firefox; 29 per cent Explorer.

This is mind-blowing to me. Beyond the fact that I am entirely ignorant as to how this information might benefit me, I am completely amused by it. I mean, how on earth do I have readers from Ireland? And are the Irish more prone to browsing the blogosphere with an iPad or their good ol' fashioned Explorer on a desktop? The possibilities are endless, and the information, as it stands, is pure, narcissistic entertainment. I am impressed.


  1. Interesting in that almost all your blog hits are coming from Mac products. But who in their right mind still uses Internet Explorer?

  2. That's because once you go Mac, you never go back. Jobsie knows what he's doing. As for Explorer, why people use it is anyone's guess. Firefox is where it's at!